Breadth Assignment 10

Shadow Painting

Shadows create contrast in what we see. They can be a dynamic entity in and of themselves.
Learning Targets:

  • I can create a painting in which a shadow is the focal point.
  • I can use painting media to create a piece of artwork.
  • I can use the Rule of Third to format my composition for maximum interest.
  • I can focus in on a subject and fill the space effectively.


  • You must have a shadow holding a prominent position of interest.
  • You must include a portion or part of your subject (what is casting the shadow)
  • You must cover the entire surface of your artboard. White space should be carefully considered and used only to enhance the composition.

Sketchbook Work:


  • Rule of Thirds
  • Focal Point
  • Painting Media (list types of materials included in a painting category)


Find an interesting angle and get close.

See examples; do not copy!


__shadow_portrait___by_heatherhorton-d36jntx 2 tulip shadows-72-levels-d 2-february-6-woman-wings-painting-angel-shagow 7fe4682808fe31c1b4facd9c18cfcb6f 31 21873-Albright, Adam Emory at_the_park___bicycle_shadow_oil_painting_4608d6beae15036712b8b29cd38566ed Berries bicycleshadows big_LD09_16ShadowPainterPaintngSL01 blue_bicycle_evening_shadows___oil_painting_other_still_life__still_life__88804d260a016749ff66f5d64673dd5c blue_bike_shadows_14d689327727e6a03b15b14276581bb3 cat_shadow_by_raku_painting Chelsea__s_Shadow_Puppetry_by_sporkychan Dance_by_sporkychan Element_Series_1_by_m4g1c4lm3 game_with_shadows_by_loretana-d5t4sna Ginette_Parizeau_Winter_Morning_Shadows human_insanity_by_psychofuckinsocial-d58bly6 images (1) images (2) images Kuzunoha__s_Shadow_by_KoriMichele large_98_Shadow_Of_A_Blonde_In_Paris_large Large_116_shadow-of-a-couple-in-Paris-with-camera-and-map LongDayShadowWeb my_bird_shadow_by_sporkychan my_shadow_is_my_only_friend_by_borda-d31t8v8 Painting_by_elliegreco purple-shadow-sm self-portrait--cafe-shadows-painting-linda-apple shadow Shadow_Etching_I_by_sporkychan shadow_face Shadow_games_by_cidaq OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA shadow-joyce-ann-burton-sousa shadow-play-sandy-tracey sunflower_shadows_2_22x30_wc_tmb tenkoshki13 TPStunnel walking_on_sunshine___painting_by_astridbruning-d7xvwkt


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