Breadth Assignment 3

Ordinary to Extraordinary Collage

Mixed Media Layers


Students will select an object of interest using symbolism.  Students will then create multiple original drawings to incorporate into their mixed media work.  Students will research narrative/symbolic works and mixed media works.  Students are to draw from life in their work and use the compositional skills they have learned.

Sketchbook Assignments

Draw symbols that you can relate to.

Choose a single object of interest to you and start drawing that object from many different points of view.  You must draw from life. Look at the object and draw it. Don’t just draw it from memory.


Art History Connection

ArtLex: mixed media or mixed-media – A technique involving the use of two or more artistic media, such as ink and pastel or painting and collage, that are combined in a single composition. The term intermedia is used synonymously. (Avoid using “multimedia” as a synonym, because that is likely to cause confusion.)


Many famous artists have mixed their media while creating art. This is not a new technique. Pablo Picasso and Joseph Cornell both have produced a number of mixed media masterpieces, some dating as far back as 1881. There has been a contemporary resurgence in mixed media. This could be due to an interest in recycling that has found it’s way into art through found abject art.

Focus areas

Composition (use of space)



Expression of drawing


Use of media



Form Board as a base

Drawing of a single object that you did

A variety of drawing materials

Watercolor paint

Acrylic paint

Anything else you would like to add


  1. Create a series of drawings of a single object that has some meaning to you.
  2. Layer 1: Create layer one with a single field of color. What you use to create this color is up to you.
  3. Layer 2: Add a drawing or two onto the collage. How you add the drawings is up to you.
  4. Layer 3: Add a textural element to the collage
  5. Layer 4: More drawings
  6. Layer 5: Detail the collage. Use paint or pen to add surface detail to your collage.
  7. Pay close attention to making sure the collage board is completely covered and that your collage is well crafted.


  • Minimum of 5 layers
  • Size between 18X24 to 24X36
  • One object/Drawing from Life – Symbolic
  • Strong composition and Visual Movement
  • Unified colors and theme

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