Breadth Assignment 7

We are behind you will do this at home.

Bicycle Assignment


The name ‘bicycle’ dates from 1869. Various precursors of this machine were known as ‘velocipedes,’ a French name dating from the late 18th century.

Develop your perceptual skills by setting up a still life of a bicycle and create an interesting composition as your subject matter. Do several gesture drawings of the composition in your workbook before you start on your final piece.

Improve observation of how values and details are important in drawing and painting approaches. Set up an interesting composition. Utilize the whole picture frame.

The bicycle has to be the main subject matter. Think about the composition and fill the space. Think about the background and negative space.

Define the following terms in your workbook: (Include a visual reference)
Principles of Design
Technique Style
Optical Perception
Graphic Art
Picture Frame
Positive Space
All Over Pattern

Artists to Examine:
(Choose one to research and write about in your workbook, show examples of their work and give your opinion about their style and work.)
Paul Cezanne
Mark Rothko
Helen Frankenthaler
Paul Klee
Jan Vermeer
Jean Arp
Stuart David
Sol Lewitt
Duane Hanson
Don Eddy

Find an interesting angle and get close.

See examples; do not copy!


2 thoughts on “Breadth Assignment 7

    1. Hi, Alicia– I went to Upper Arlington elementary and middle schools many (many) years ago. I took Saturday classes at the Columbus art institute, which changed my life. I thought you might like to hear how I plan to use your lesson plan. I teach beginning (9th grade, mostly) artists. We just finished a unit on Renaissance artists and this (for us) ties into Leonardo’s studies. I have an old tricycle I plan to use for a model. I thought it might be a close-observation drawing and composition exercise, but then I found this, and think I’ll use it as the final part of the assignment. They would choose one of their own drawings to convert, thereby leading into tinting and shading a paint color practice. What do you think? Thank you for sharing this project!
      Kathleen Day
      Northeast Vernon County Schools, Walker, Missouri

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