Breadth Assignment 1

Headless Self-Portraits

Straube, AP Art, Breadth Assignment 1

  Which body part will serve as a metaphor for you?

 This assignment asks the question, “Who am I?” While this is a cosmological question to which we all seek the answer, it is one that students in particular are frequently concerned with, Students are asked to think about themselves and what defines them at this point in their lives. If body parts could be used as a metaphor for themselves, which ones would they be? For most students, this is the first time a question of this nature has been asked.

  1. Begin by filling a page of your sketchbook with an inventory of every possible body part you can think of – from legs to perspiration to, yes, even the soul.
  2. Expand this list by looking through anatomy books, fashion magazines, printouts, etc. and finding images of the human body.
  3. Choose a body part that you think will be the best metaphor for you?
  4. Begin to draw a self portrait that does not show your head but tells something significant about yourself through the depiction of another part of the body.


 Use a full sheet of drawing paper.

  • Use a drawing media of your choice.
    • Pencil
    • Charcoal
    • Colored Pencil
    • Pastels
    • Oil Pastels
    • Etc.
  • Fill the entire space of the drawing paper.
    • Don’t draw something tiny with a lot of white space around it.
    • Allow your drawing to go off the edges of the paper.
  • Finish the drawing.
    • Make sure the drawing LOOKS complete and neatly done.


 Remember this is an AP project it should look like your put effort into it.



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